Sunday, March 27, 2011


I'm starting to look at color schemes and I figure the best way (obviously) to find the right color vibe is to match the band is to match it to the vibe of the music..... Here are some examples:

Crystal Castles' sound is largely computer generated based.
It varies from really chill to really hectic..... my thoughts are linked to the videos....


This Is My Favorite

The More I Listen The Happier It Gets

I Recognize This One...  Does this one count as singing????

Pretty Sure This Is The Best Known

I am taking away from this that I need ALOT of colors... reflects the hectic overlaying of sounds.. there is just so much going on you know?  (Posters with few colors seem more appropriate for super low key indie bands like marching band or mates of state etc.... this is really active so I want it to be visual active as well)

Also I feel like super bright colors contrasted against dark colors is very electronic.. but I want to expand beyond just that to make it a little more interesting, like throwing some neutrals in there or something...

Anyway I am off to go searching

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