Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guerilla Exploration

Before going dark for Spring Break I did an exercise in guerilla signage. Sonja and I made a message on the wall of the lab saying "DO NOT STEAL OR SPRAY MOUNT PLEASE." The excitement of creating something we thought turned out rather beautifully inspired us to make another sign.....

This is seen as you walk into or through the room....

and this is seen on the other side of the wall, if you are sitting at the table.

This might seem dark minded but we felt it was an appropriate representation of the current class morale. I also feel it is only right to say that we did not come up with this, that is was appropriated from a well-known piece of vandalism in the third stall of the downstairs women's restroom in the Moudy building. Someone once wrote "smile" and "it gets worse" was added on later. I felt it was effective for guerilla because it is one of those things that all of the women in Moudy have seen but no one talks about. Because really, who mentions bathroom vandalism? But on the flip side who doesn't read it?

Also, I appreciate the implied optimism. You can walk through the room and think "Oh how nice!" But if you are one of the broken and tired seniors, you walk past it to class, sit down and think, "Oh how true..."

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